About MonstaH


          MonstaH is the pseudonym of artist Robin Stam. He was born in the Netherlands and has drawn monsters ever since he was a child, which worried his teachers a bit.

They were right. In highschool MonstaH used his notebooks to make drawings and comics of teachers and classmates who bullied him. He drew them as monsters, which was the best representation of how they truly are.

Ironically, MonstaH gained popularity thanks to his satirical drawings and instead of being bullied, he got praised by his classmates. His teachers still couldn't laugh about it.

During his copywriting-study he borrowed books about surrealism, dadaism and Esher from the school's library. These served as an inspiration to draw more conceptual work. Some of the characters he invented in this time can still be found in his current work.

After that, MonstaH put all his creative energy into his advertising career. He worked in agencies in Amsterdam, New York, Stockholm and Hamburg, and won many national and international advertising awards. But during this time, he laid down his drawing pen.

Finally, he worked in Hamburg, in one of the most prestigious agencies in the world. But he wasn't satisfied. Unwilling to comform to stress, agency politics and the inability to make own creative choices, MonstaH decided to quit his job and become a freelancer.

During these first months, when he had a huge break, he felt a serenity like never before. One day, his girlfriend asked him to draw something on a paper trashbin. It was the first drawing he made since 20 years. He drew a bunch of monsters. And it felt good. 

He continued drawing ever since. Thanks to this prior experience with art-direction, composition, design and concepting in different media, MonstaH made a rocket powered comeback.

MonstaH draws his inspiration from streetart in  Hamburg and combines this with visual symbolism he knows from yoga, which he started doing to clear his mind. By combining his cartoon-esque monsters with buddhistic mandalas, MonstaH symbolizes his own struggle to create order in chaos. This unique style turns every artwork into a monster-universe on its own.

MonstaHs animations were shown at festivals in New York, Detroit, Florida, Slovakia and Russia. He is a versatile illustrator who doesn't limit himself to any medium and who loves to do commisioned work just as much as making free work.

“Mystic Sun”
Acryl on circle canvas 50x50cm

The monster mandala is the unique trademark style of MonstaH. In this mandala, drawn on a circle canvas, the mystic sun serves as a source of life for all monsters. Completey drawn by hand with paint marker and an obsessive passion for details.


Music video “Retro Gaming”
48 classic games are turned into handdrawn animated GIFs and are crammed into one explosive music video for 8-bit artist The Mad Bitter. The music is entirely made on a Nintendo Gameboy. The film was nominated for about 10 different film festivals worldwide and the animated Gifs have received over 500.000 views. You can see all of them here on Giphy. PAuli

“Voyage dans la Lune”
Acryl on canvas 50x50cm

Acryl on canvas 50x50cm

Acryl on canvas 50x50cm
rt St. PAuli
T-Shirt St. Pauli (prototype)
St. Pauli, Hamburgs local footballclub, is known for its non-comformism and has a cult following all over the world. MonstaH has made a proposal for a special art-shirt that features their famous skull-logo.

Promotional film 8 Pauli
8 Pauli is an underground electronic music event where artists make music with retro game consoles such as Commodore64s, Gameboys and Amigas. Motion Design and music by Lars Brückmann. 

Monstah Chic
Forget about Louis Vuitton. The latest trend is called Monster Chic: a symmetrical pattern that’s available on different products such as a laptop sleeve, leggings, shirts and duffel bags. Click here to go to the store.

“Bat Wings”
Acryl on canvas 30x30cm

Acryl on canvas 30x30cm

Acryl on circle canvas 30x30cm

Birth announcement card
Every day, new monsters are born. For the birth of Senna Beumer, MonstaH has made the announcement card. In addition, an animated GIF was made to share the happy event on social media.


Poster Slacktoberfest
100% handdrawn poster for Slacktoberfest, a party organized by the satirical religious organization Church of the Subgenius. Featuring their (fictional) founder Bob Dobbs, various religious symbols and a lot of booze.

Wakeboard design Humanoid
Combining the love for extreme sports with videogames. In a pitch for Humanoid wakeboards, MonstaH has proposed a wakeboard full of retro gaming characters.
“Skull statue”
Acryl on plaster, 20 cm

Alternative Hamburg postcards
Postcards are usually full of touristic clichés and pictures of sightseeings that locals avoid. MonstaH has made alternative Hamburg postcards, featuring the three coolest neighborhoods in Hamburg  and sighseeings like the red light district, Pudel, Rote Flora, rioting demonstrants and the bunker.

Available at Lockengelöt, Druckdealer, Nachladen and St. Pauli Office.

Illustration Gumshoe campaign
Because MonstaH has a background in advertising, he also loves to make commisioned assigments. For PublicisOne Netherlands MonstaH created an illustration to support their prestigious Gumshoe campaign. The idea of the campaign to make sneakers from recycled chewing gum. With this outdoor-campaign, they used the pink holders to collect chewing gum on the streets.
Awards: Silver Epica, 2 nominations Eurobest.